Activities and Accomplishments

Be the Good Neighbor Educational Mobile Unit

CommunityMobile Unit 1 Enhancement’s Keep Chesterfield Beautiful program launched the new “Be the Good Neighbor” mobile unit at the 2019 National Night Kickoff event held at Westchester Commons on June 29.  Over 200 people visited the trailer which displayed tips on how to be the good neighbor and ways to revitalize their neighborhood.  “Mike” the talking mailbox, welcomed the guests and encouraged them to be the “light” in the community as they took a LED key chain light.  “Tim” the talking frog, entertained and encouraged the children to be environmental stewards and neighborhood super heroes.  The adults and children enjoyed the musical activity boxes which shared ways to make a difference in the community.

The unit will be at Ironbridge Baptist Church’s National Night Out event on August 6 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.  

Greenfield Community Clean-Up

The department ofCarl Community Enhancement, Soar365, Choice and Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team rallied to finish the Greenfield neighborhood sweep which started on November 3, 2018.  On May 18, sixteen (16) tons of unwanted household debris was collected and 3,800 pounds of metal which was recycled.  A special “thank you” to Officer Dietrich and Captain Grohowski for volunteering their time to assist with this endeavor on such a warm day.  Greenfield is now shining!

Community Enhancement "Lights Up" Chesterfield

CommunLight at Falling Creekity Enhancement’s Streetlight Program was developed to fund streetlight improvements as part of the department’s community cleanup activities.  This program will refer frequently to Chesterfield County’s existing street light policy and has similar criteria and processes.  To be considered for this program, the neighborhood must be part of a community cleanup event sponsored by Community Enhancement.  For questions or to apply, contact 804-748-1229. 

Matoaca Manor was the first to apply for a street light under the new program.  After meeting all the requirements, Matoaca Manor will receive the dusk to dawn pole light in June 2019.  

Community Enhancement’s program also offers dusk to dawn LED solar lights to brighten up specific areas of the county such as common areas, cul-de-sacs and pedestrian walkways.  Community Enhancement placed a prototype LED solar light at the Falling Creek Ironworks Park on Jefferson Davis Highway.  The results were welcomed by Parks and Recreation staff and the citizens in that area.  

Solar LED Light installed at Falling Creek Ironworks Park on May 3, 2019

Clean-Up Project at Falling Creek Middle School

Jaeger SprattFalling Creek Clean Up 1 and Kimberly Reynolds coordinated a 7th grade service project with Boys to Men Mentoring Network of Virginia.  The students picked up litter around the school complex on April 10th for two hours.  Community Enhancement's Keep Chesterfield Beautiful program was delighted to be able to provide all the supplies for the event.  Thank you students for keeping Chesterfield County and Falling Creek Middle clean and green.

Community Enhancement Rally Partners to Beautify Ridgedale Parkway

Welcoming gTree Planting 1uests to Chesterfield for the TYR Pro Series hosted by Swim RVA April 10-13, 2019 was important to Chesterfield County’s Department of Community Enhancement.  This event is the highest caliber swimming event to come to Virginia.  The only way for this project to be completed on time was to partner with other county departments, volunteers, and vendors to discuss how to best provide resources and services.  The project was challenging due to time constraints and weather, but the partners were determined to make the event successful.  Thank you Soar365, Chesterfield Department of Transportation, VDOT, Judy and Pete Gotwals, Jessica Banton, Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team and Community Enhancement.  

Teamwork at its best!

Community Enhancement partners with Amazon on a Community Clean Sweep

The Department of Community Enhancement partnered with Amazon for a Bermuda District community clean up, which consisted of 26 streetsCE and Amazon Volunteers and 809 homes.  There were bags of clothes, old toys, rocking chairs, TV's, sinks, a toilet, and more. 

Oh! Did I happen to mention this was all in the RAIN! 

With the help of our volunteers, friends, SOAR 365, and CE, we were able to get everything picked up.  The more we volunteer, the more we can help our community.  COME JOIN THE FUN!

Community Enhancement Partners with Mid-Cities Civic Association in Celebrating Community Success

Pam Cooper Mid Cities Couplewas invited to be the guest speaker at the Mid-Cities Civic Association celebration event. She was able to highlight the community successes and to share new programs that will benefit the residents of Mid-Cities in 2019.

The civic members were delighted to hear about future projects in the Jefferson Davis Corridor such as sidewalks, a market study for Northern Route 1, Bensley Park improvements, Bensley Community Cleanup event in April and a community garden in Mid-Cities in 2019. Pam reminded the civic members that they have the power to “jump start” their neighborhood. She left them with encouraging words such as; Dare to Dream, Stir up a Little Hope, Reinvent the Village in the Heart of the County, Build on What’s Good to Make Your Community Better and Take the Time to Enjoy your New Community.

Mid-Cities Association is looking forward to positive change in 2019.

Enon Community Clean-up

Child with WheelbarrowOn November 10, 2018, Community Enhancement partnered with Residents, Churches, Scouts, Thomas Dale High School, Greater Richmond ARC and Chesterfield County Community Police for a neighborhood clean-up.  The event was successful in engaging the community and educating residents. The turnout was incredible.

Trash/Unwanted items20 tons
Vegetative Debris2 truck loads


CE Members Loading TruckSecond Annual Coat Drive

Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team collaborated with the Department of Community Enhancement, A Place of Miracles Café, and St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church to provide coats, hats, and gloves for the less fortunate.  These items will be distributed in Chesterfield County and the county’s gateway communities.

The Department of Community Enhancement and Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team work together to enhance, restore, and maintain the quality of the county’s neighborhoods and business communities.  The department enjoys “giving back” to the community on a regular basis.  

Community Cleanup - Greenfield

On November 3, 2018, members of Community Enhancement along with volunteers did a Community Cleanup in half of Greenfield Subdivision (approx. 240 homes).  Our efforts were supported by Greenfield residents, volunteers, Greater Richmond ARC and Chesterfield County.

Engaging the community was accomplished by:

  • Educational door-to-door contact
  • Encouraging neighbors to connect with each other
  • Making this more than a cleanup
  • Celebrating this community as a success

Results Greenfield
Houses 240
Trash/Unwanted items removed
16 tons
Tires Removed 2

Bulky Waste Community Cleanup - Engaging the Community

On October 6, 2018, Community Enhancement along with volunteers did a Bulky Waste clean up in Matoaca Manor. Our goal was to engage the community, conduct a "Walk Through" with Police Officers, Code Officers and Volunteers.  The following was accomplished: 

  • Connected with residents
  • Volunteer opportunities were created
  • Residents were grateful and expressed their desire to keep improving their neighborhood

We would like to thank the following for all their support received during this clean up:

  • Chesterfield County's Police Department
  • Community Enhancement Code Inspectors and Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team.
  • Greater Richmond ARC
  • Volunteers
Results - Matoaca Manor
Trash / Household Items8 tons

Bulky Waste Cleanup - Alice Heights - Engaging the Community

On September 22, 2018 - members of the Department of Community Enhancement, Community Police Officers, Code Officers, Greater Richmond ARC, Chesterfield County's Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team and volunteers came together and cleaned up their neighborhood.  Connections were made, new volunteer opportunities were created and residents expressed their desire to keep improving the neighborhood and were grateful for Chesterfield's assistance.

Results - Alice Heights
Trash/Unwanted household items removed
12 tons

Salem Church Back to School "BASH"

Community Enhancement Table

On August 30, 2018, Salem Church Elementary Schools PTA hosted a Back to School Bash.  The PTA's mission was to encourage the students to participate in giving back to the community and being an outstanding "STAR".  

Chesterfield County's Department of Community Enhancement was there to share volunteer opportunities and well as educational materials.  The students were eager to learn about earning community service hours and receiving a appreciation certificate. 

Over 150 students and parents visited the Community Enhancement booth where they received educational facts, volunteer information, brochures and a fun giveaway!

Making a Difference in the Dale and Bermuda Districts

Mt Vernon Bermuda District 2

The Department of Community Enhancement was contacted by neighbors concerned about a Senior's home in the Dale District, who because of an illness, was unable to take care of his home or property.  Community Enhancement was able to put them in contact with Mt. Vernon "outreach" teams managed by Sarah Kyle.  

This youth team was delighted to split wood, rake, and clean up the yard to prevent a Notice of Violation letter. Due to this act of kindness, we found out that the senior needed a cooling/heating system. He was referred to Social Services to assist with resources.

Another one of Mt. Vernon’s team was at Aberdeen Road in Bensley to assist a senior with yard work. The beautiful home was transformed in four hours by this amazing youth group.

Chesterfield County thanks Sarah Kyle and her three teams for loving Chesterfield County! We appreciate your support and dedication in making a difference in Chesterfield County.