Product & Design Review Committee

Regular Meetings

  • Last Thursday of every month


Chesterfield Utilities' Product and Design Review Committee (PDRC) is composed of five to seven utilities employees from all divisions of:

  • Construction
  • Design
  • General Interest
  • Operations
  • Review

Their purpose is to review and approve new materials and design standards for the Chesterfield County Utilities Department. This diverse group will give each presentation a thorough evaluation of its effects on the water and wastewater systems. The combination of different specialties and interests will allow a complete openness to all who appear before the committee, and at the same time, give small vendors the same opportunity as larger ones.


As one of the largest water and wastewater systems in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Chesterfield County Utilities is constantly presented with information on new products and design approaches.

Through a Product and Design Review Committee, all levels of the utilities management team will have the opportunity to view and approve these products and new design approaches as a group. This process offers many advantages to both the utilities department and prospective vendors. All committee members receive the same information at the same time and the vendor only makes one presentation.

Balanced Review

New products, which may also be included as new materials in design specifications, have both short and long term effects on the entire utilities operation. For that reason, a balanced review is needed by our organization to provide manufacturers and their representatives with an avenue to present their products.

Likewise, design specifications are open for review to engineering professionals whose knowledge and experience go into the heart of any utility infrastructures. Therefore, in the interest of the individual members of our department who utilize those products or design specifications in their day-to-day work, the Chesterfield Utilities Product Design and Review Committee was formed.

New Technology

As technology in today's world is adopted by today's construction, Chesterfield Utilities Product and Design Review Committee serves as a special connector between industry and the modern utility. The committee is presented information about products and services available as well as the costs to the user.