Statement and Billing Information

Tax Assessments, Adjustments and Fees

While many Chesterfield County statements and bills are issued and payable to the Treasurer's Office, there may be questions regarding those bills and statements that can be better answered by the originating department. Please view more information below.

If you have incurred charges on your bill due to a late payment, please see Delinquent Bills, Late Payments and Judicial Sales webpage for additional information.
  1. Tax Assessments

Tax Assessments

Real Estate Assessment

For questions about the assessment on your land or building, visit the Real Estate Assessments or call 804-748-1321. View and search the Real Estate Assessment Data (READ) database.

Vehicle or Business

Visit the Commissioner of the Revenue or call 804-748-1281 for questions about the following:

  • Assessed value of your vehicle or business equipment
  • Closed or moved your business
  • Moved a vehicle to/from another locality/state
  • Purchase or sale (disposal) of a vehicle
  1. Car Tax Reduction
  1. Adjustments and Fees