Electrical Checklist

Required Documents to be Submitted with Building Permit Application or Independent Auxiliary Permit Application

The following checklist contains the minimum information and details required on electrical plans prior to submission for plan review. This is a basic pre-submittal checklist that is intended to expedite the plan review process by minimizing the number of required revisions.

Please contact the commercial plan review staff at  804-748-1057 with any questions regarding this checklist or any other commercial permit questions.

General Requirements

  • Construction documents prepared and sealed by a registered design professional (RDP) for:
    • The following occupancy classifications: Institutional (I), Educational (E), High Hazard (H), and per departmental policy all Assembly (A) occupancies that have an occupant load over 100
    • All buildings over 3-stories in height
    • Any electrical installation exceeding 600 volts or 800 amps
    • Construction documents for electrical systems that are not required to be prepared by an RDP (registered design professional), prepared by a licensed master electrician, or a licensed Class A electrical contractor
    • Name, occupation, address and telephone number of the person who prepared the plans
  • RDP seal and signature or master card number and signature are on the plans

All pages of the plan set neat, legible and of the same size. If different discipline designers use different page sizes, re-print the smaller pages on sheets the size of the largest in the set.

  • Drawings at least 1/8 inches = 1 foot, 0 inches scale or larger
  • Each sheet clearly identified with distinct sheet numbers (i.e. E1, E2)
  • Electrical code edition used for design. The current code edition is the 2011 NEC
  • Electrical plans on the same size sheets as the other plans in the building permit package
  • Locations of all wet and hazardous locations
  • New work vs. old work clearly distinguished
  • The use of all spaces and rooms

Electrical Service

  • AIC rating of service equipment and all panel boards
  • All fuse and breaker sizes
  • Amperage, voltage and phase of service equipment
  • Location of meter and CT cabinet on floor plans
  • Location of service equipment
  • Sizes of service conductors, raceways, specify raceway type

Grounding Details for Service

  • Grounding electrode system and details
  • Sizes of all grounding conductors


  • AIC rating
  • Panel board schedule with connected loads and breaker sizes
  • Whether panel boards are main lug or main breaker type


  • Conduit size and type
  • Feeder loads
  • Size of equipment grounding conductor
  • Wire size and type

Branch Circuit Details

  • All branch circuits serving power, lighting and equipment
  • All wiring sizes, conduit sizes and number of conductors


  • Location of transformer on drawing
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Primary and secondary voltages
  • Size in KVA.
  • Size of grounding electrode conductor

Disconnects & Starters

  • Fuse size
  • Loads of equipment on panel schedules
  • Location of all disconnects and starters
  • Location of all electrical equipment
  • Size and type (fused or non-fused)

Egress & Exit Lighting

  • Breaker lock on panel schedule if using the exception in Article 700
  • Lighting circuit from which they are supplied
  • Location of all exit and egress lights

Demand Load Summary

  • Connected loads of new and existing electrical system
  • NEC demand loads per Article 220
  • Whether demand loads are being calculated from the standard or optional methods