Required Documents for Permit Application

Minimum Documents Required to Initiate the Permit Review Process

  • Five sets of plans (six sets if the altered space has a food preparation area). Provide specifications if they contain building code information not provided on the plans.
  • Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical plans, intended for construction; Design/build is not allowed. If no mechanical, plumbing or electrical work is to be performed, state that clearly on the plans. See the separate electrical, mechanical and plumbing checklists.
  • All pages of the plan set the same size. If different discipline designers use different page sizes, re-print smaller pages on sheets the size of the largest in the set.
  • Completed Asbestos Certification Form (PDF).
  • Completed Commercial Building Permit Application (PDF) with an accurate work description noted.

If Applicable, Submittal of the Following Documents Is Required Prior to Permit Issuance