Obtain a Utilities Plan Approval

Development in Chesterfield County requires utilities plan approval. Utilities plan approval is necessary to ensure the plans conform with the most recent Chesterfield County Water and Wastewater Facilities Plan and the Chesterfield County Water and Sewer Specifications and Procedures Manual. View the Utilities Plan Approval (PDF) process information as a document.

Complex Projects and Special Considerations

For complex projects and projects which require special considerations, the engineer should schedule a meeting with the Chesterfield Utilities staff to discuss the approach to be taken to supply water and wastewater service. All water and wastewater systems must be located and sized properly to serve the entire service area in conformance with the county’s approved Facilities Plan.

  1. Plan Approval
  2. Release to Construction

Plan Approval

Prior to the construction of a public utility facility and issuance of any building permits, the engineer must submit three sets (only one set is required for sites) of water and/or wastewater plans on standard sheet sizes of 24 inches by 36 inches. The plan should reflect the detail design of the section to be constructed. For review and approval of plans, submittals must be sent directly to the Planning Department for new subdivisions and commercial/industrial site developments; the Department of Environmental Engineering for linear utility extension projects requiring a Land Disturbance Permit; and the Utilities Department’s Development Section for all other projects.

Water and Wastewater Plans

Water and wastewater plans must be designed by a Virginia licensed registered professional Civil Engineer or Professional Surveyor with a Class B license.

Evidence of Plan Approval

The Utilities Department requires the engineer to furnish evidence that all other local, state and federal agencies have reviewed and approved the plans for installation of the water and / or wastewater lines as it relates to design, erosion control, location, etc. Prior to utility construction, the erosion control inspector must notify the Development Section that all environmental requirements have been met.

Coordinating with Appropriate Parties

The engineer shall coordinate with Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) the location of all proposed water and/or wastewater lines within all existing and proposed road rights of way with regard to existing and proposed roads and drainage structures. With regard to their existing and/or proposed easements, rights of way, and facilities, coordination shall be made with other appropriate utility companies such as:

  • Gas Companies
  • Railroad Rights of Way
  • Telephone Companies
  • Virginia Power

Engineer’s Checklist

Along with the first submittal of plans, the engineer must sign a completed copy of the engineer’s checklist for water and wastewater plans. This checklist can be found in the most recent copy of the Chesterfield County Water and Sewer Specifications Procedures Manual.

These comments will be available for viewing over the Internet at subdivision comments and site plan comments. When the revisions are made, the engineer must resubmit revised plans for final review. A letter of approval will be sent when all the county’s criteria have been met.