About the Board

Our Vision

The vision of the Chesterfield County Airport is for a safe, well maintained general aviation reliever airport where people desire to work, visit, conduct business and operate or base an aircraft. With the goal of preserving a balance between recreational, corporate and other aviation activities, Chesterfield County desires a community that has pride in its airport and recognizes its economic value. Expansion of the airport will be completed with the primary goal of enhancing airport operations in a manner that allows for continued close relationships with business and residential users as well as the surrounding community.

Board Structure

Recognizing this vision, the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors (BOS) established the Chesterfield County Airport Advisory Board (AAB) to consist of:

  • Director of General Services
  • Airport Manager
  • One appointed member from each magisterial district

All AAB members, except the Director of General Services and Airport Manager, are appointed for three-year terms. In making appointments, the BOS may, to the extent feasible, consider unique interest and expertise in the field of aviation.

Advisory Topics

The AAB is strictly advisory, and provides input regarding the following subjects:

  • Airport Capital Improvement Plan
  • Airport Master Plan
  • Airport Strategic Business Plan
  • Chesterfield County Airport (FCI) Rules and Regulations
  • Facility/grounds maintenance and major maintenance program
  • Flight and airport safety
  • Marketing/public relations/community outreach programs
  • Operating budget
  • Tenant and / or vendor survey results

Quarterly Meetings

The agenda for each quarterly meeting shall consist of at least the following items:

  1. A status report by the Airport Manager concerning current airport capital improvement projects, significant day-to-day operational items and significant events since the last meeting
  2. Quarterly rotating theme item (facility / grounds maintenance / major maintenance program, proposed Airport operating budget, tenant and vendor survey results, proposed Airport Capital Improvement Program, Airport Rules and Regulations review)
  3. A report from the FBO on topics such as line service, fuel sales, aircraft maintenance, aircraft charter and management, flight school operations, aircraft rental and company news
  4. AAB member comments
  5. Citizen / tenant / public comment period