About the Committee

The Committee on the Future is:

  • A permanent body authorized by the 1987 Chesterfield County Charter (PDF)
  • Comprised of ten county residents, two from each of the five magisterial districts, who serve at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors
  • Supported by County Administration
  • Scheduled to meet the second and fourth Mondays monthly

The purpose of the committee, as described in its bylaws (PDF) is to:

  • Forecast comprehensive, long-range conditions in the county
  • Make recommendations for resolution of issues in the long range
  • Provide information designed to guide elected officials toward a realistic long-range plan for Chesterfield County in the 21st century
  • Expand thinking beyond present-day limitations, presenting a view not necessarily bound by what will be, but embracing what can be

To accomplish the committee’s purpose, the committee researches issues and prepares recommendations on topics that will likely impact the county’s quality of life twenty, thirty or more years ahead. The committee has completed 8 reports to-date:

Previous Committee on the Future Reports

Implementation Highlights

Overall, the strategies resulting from the committee’s reports have a very high implementation rate. Some implementation highlights include:

  • Meadowville Tech Park (Preparing Residents to Thrive in a Global Society)
  • Chromebooks available to all middle and high school students (Preparing Residents to Thrive in a Global Society)
  • Opened Career and Technical Center at Hull to include career and technical education courses (Preparing Residents to Thrive in a Global Society)
  • The Linear Parks and Trails Map in the 2012 Comprehensive Plan (Green Infrastructure)
  • Alliance for Cultural Heritage and Tourism, or ACT, created to facilitate cooperation among the cultural and historical organizations in the county (Green Infrastructure)
  • Office of Senior Advocate created (The Aging of the Population)
  • Lifelong Learning Institute opened (The Aging of the Population)
  • Guide to Services for Youths – searchable database of resources on county website (Youth Development)
  • Youth Services Board begun in 1978 continues to be a strong voice in the community (Youth Development)
  • Revitalization Office established (Neighborhood Preservation)
  • Sustain Our Communities Committee (Neighborhood Preservation)
  • Opening of the first Specialty Academic program at Clover Hill High School (Economic Development)
  • Career & Technical Education Advisory Council (Economic Development)
  • Video-streaming of Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings (1990 VISION 2020)
  • Both VDOT and the RMTA have implemented new technology for toll collections (1990 VISION 2020)