Strategic Planning & Budgeting

FY2018 Budget Highlights & Future Outlook

  • FY2018 personnel changes include a 2% merit increase and benefit changes, as well as salary adjustments that were effective after the FY2017 budget was adopted.
  • The operating decrease in FY2018 and beyond is attributed to the decommissioning of the IBM mainframe. With the implementation of the Tax Management System, the final legacy system utilizing the mainframe, the County will realize an annual savings of $496,000.
  • The Five-Year Plan enhancements for the Department are comprised of annual increases to existing licensing/hosting contracts and the costs of new systems being implemented: increases to existing contracts ($224,000), Office 365 ($250,000), Enterprise Land Management ($148,400), and Microsoft Dynamics ($24,000).
  • The Five-Year Plan also includes $200,000 in funds for consulting services. Many projects require specialized skills that are not feasible to keep staffed. Consulting funds will allow the Department to contract the specialized skills for specific projects, such as a backlog of GIS updates that need to be completed in FY2018.
  • FY2019 includes $90,000 for the maintenance agreement of a newly implemented CAMA system, and FY2019 through FY2022 includes $25,000 each year for CPI increases built into most licensing and maintenance agreements.

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