Illicit Discharge to County Waters

Illicit Discharge Ordinance

Stormwater is the water from rain, melting snow or ice, which flows over the ground or pavement without soaking into the ground. The storm sewer system includes the roadside ditches, gutters, catch basins, and underground pipes that collect stormwater and carry it away from our streets, parking lots, and yards.

Chesterfield County has enacted an Illicit Discharge Ordinance , which makes it illegal to discharge pollutants to the storm sewer system or to county waters. Adopted on November 1, 1997, the Ordinance is a requirement of the Clean Water Act and is designed to help maintain and protect the quality of the water in our streams, lakes and rivers.

What the Ordinance Prohibits

Directly discharging anything that is not composed entirely of stormwater into the storm sewer system or into county waters is prohibited.

Connecting any structure that carries any liquid other than stormwater to the storm sewer or to county waters also is prohibited.

Illicit Discharge Complaints

If you have a concern about a spill or discharge call our 24-hour hotline at 804-717-6161. Please leave as much information as possible so that we can investigate your concern. Also leave your contact information so you may be reached if more information is needed. The information you provide will be confidential.