VDH Chesterfield Health District

Chesterfield Health District, A State Agency

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) Chesterfield Health District (CHD), a state agency, works directly with Chesterfield County to protect the health of all residents. Our shared goal is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be healthy.

VDH CHD is composed of three local health departments: Chesterfield County, Powhatan County and the City of Colonial Heights. As a state agency:

  • Each local health department operates in a cooperative relationship with the city or county that it serves.
  • Each of the 35 health districts in network delivers public health services across the state.
  • Each health district is composed of multiple local health departments operating under the auspices of the Virginia Department of Health.

Public health encompasses many things, such as:

  • Assuring the quality and accessibility of health services
  • Preventing epidemics and the spread of disease
  • Preventing injuries
  • Promoting and encouraging healthy behaviors
  • Protecting against environmental hazards
  • Provide health inspection results conducted by VDH Environmental Health Specialists

Medicaid Enrollment - End of COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

With the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, normal Medicaid enrollment processes will return soon. In order for Virginians to keep their health coverage, members should provide their most recent mailing address and phone number to ensure paperwork is received. Visit the Medical Assistance - Medicaid tab on Social Services' Financial Assistance page to learn more.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

The Chesterfield Health District (CHD) is a division of the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). The CHD is comprised of the counties of Chesterfield and Powhatan and the city of Colonial Heights. VDH distributes COVID-19 vaccines to local health districts, such as CHD, which then administer the vaccine to eligible individuals within the health district, according to phases set by VDH. For current vaccination data for Chesterfield County and the Chesterfield Health District, as well as overall vaccination data for Greater Richmond region localities, visit the Chesterfield COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard. To find a COVID-19 vaccine near you, visit VaccineFinder.org

To view current information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine in: