About Utilities


The Chesterfield County Utilities Department is a public water and wastewater utility that uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest quality service to its customers. During fiscal year 2020, the department provided water service to more than 114,000 customers and wastewater service to more than 97,000 customers in the county. The department:

  • Controls 24 water-storage tanks and 39 pump stations
  • Has 303 full-time positions
  • Owns one water treatment plant and two wastewater-treatment plants
  • Works with an annual operating budget of approximately $73.6 million

Water Safety

The Utilities Department diligently ensures that water is safely and efficiently delivered to customers. Chesterfield County water consumers can be assured that the water they drink meets or exceeds federal drinking-water standards. The water-quality testing program is aggressive in meeting the standards, representing far more additional tests beyond the minimum levels required by law.

Maintaining Water Quality

Maintaining the water quality in the James River and the Chesapeake Bay is equally as important to the social and economic future of Chesterfield County and the commonwealth of Virginia. The Proctors Creek and the Falling Creek wastewater treatment plants play significant roles in achieving this goal by consistently meeting all environmental regulations.

Both plants have received awards of excellence from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, and the Virginia Water Environment Association. In 2013, nutrient upgrades were completed for both plants. These facility upgrades help ensure that Chesterfield County is a responsible steward of the environment and better protect the James River and Chesapeake Bay.

Quality Products & Services

The Chesterfield County Utilities Department prides itself on the quality of its products and services, financial stability, customer service and workplace environment. The department’s business/performance plan (PDF) is established around these four components. Performance measures that track how well we meet department goals are established for every work section in the department. Ensuring that each section is performing to its potential is reviewed throughout the year.

Environmental Accomplishments

Chesterfield Utilities has a history of dedicating itself to be a steward and protector of the environment. In 2004, the Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was recognized by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for achieving the requirements of an Exemplary Environmental Enterprise, or E3, in the state’s Environmental Excellence Program. An Environmental Management System defines a facility’s environmental policies and establishes environmentally-sound practices and procedures to optimize the organization’s environmental performance and to prevent pollution. The Proctors Creek plant was the first wastewater facility in the state of Virginia to achieve this recognition. The E3 designation certifies that a facility has fully implemented an environmental management system and pollution prevention program and continues to demonstrate environmental quality enhancement and compliance.

Following the Proctors Creek certification, the department’s Falling Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant was certified as E3. The department’s wastewater collections division and the water distribution section also received Environmental Enterprise certifications. The water distribution system was the first in the state to accomplish this task.

In 2018, the Addison-Evans Water Production and Laboratory Facility received the 20-Year Director’s Award for maintaining partnership for safe drinking water program standards. The facility previously received the 10-Year and 15-Year Director’s Award and was the first utility in Virginia to be recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for a safe drinking-water program. 

In Sept. 2020, Director George B. Hayes, P.E. was awarded the A.H. Paessler Award from the Virginia Water Environment Association recognizing his commitment to protecting the environment and endless contributions to the wastewater industry. This is the first time a Chesterfield County employee was presented with this distinguished award, which is only presented once a year to a single recipient for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Under Hayes’ leadership, the department completed numerous projects to improve water quality and protect the environment. The biological nutrient removal upgrade projects at the county’s wastewater treatment plants have been successful in removing over 2 million pounds of nutrients each year, protecting the water quality in the James River and Chesapeake Bay. Hayes also is focused on long-term wastewater and water-supply planning. Projects are underway for the expansion of the county’s wastewater treatment facility, providing environmentally protective wastewater treatment for the next 90 years. The support of county administration and the county’s commitment to be being a responsible protector of the environment has allowed the department to complete these projects and make a conscientious effort to focus on environmental stewardship as part of their daily tasks.

A list of more of the department's recent recognition and achievements can be found in the department's Informational Brochure (PDF).