History & the Carolyn Miller Memorial Fund


The Chesterfield Domestic Violence Task Force, Inc. has been in existence since the 1970’s. Initially, professionals from a few county agencies started working together to coordinate services for domestic violence cases. This grass-roots effort broadened over the years, into a much larger, community based organization. The Task Force includes representatives from public and private organizations, as well as individuals from the County.

Carolyn Miller Memorial Fund

The Chesterfield Domestic Violence Task Force, Inc. monitors and administers the Carolyn Miller Memorial Fund, a financial resource available to individuals who need assistance in escaping situations of intimate partner violence. The intention of the fund is to aid survivors and their children in increasing their safety and progress towards independence.

The Carolyn Miller Memorial Fund was created through a partnership with the family and friends of Carolyn Miller, who was killed by her abusive partner, in her Midlothian home in December of 2000. All proceeds of the Carolyn Miller Memorial Fund are directly returned to our community by assisting survivors with the following:

  • Housing
  • Safety measures (such as changing of locks or telephone numbers)
  • Transportation
  • Utilities