Meet the Treasurer

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Our pledge is to continually seek ways to provide innovative, progressive service to our County residents!

Mission Statement

Our mission is ensuring fiscal integrity and providing world-class customer service through excellence in treasury management.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the premier Treasurer's Office by maintaining an environment where a quality workforce can thrive professionally, and where world-class customer service is the standard. We are committed to being pioneers by operating on the cutting edge of convenience and efficiency, focusing on technology solutions that meet and exceed our service demands.


Duties of the Treasurer include:

  • Banker for Chesterfield County government working with departments and public for receiving and disbursing funds.
  • Billing and collection of current and delinquent personal property and real estate taxes, as well as all delinquent debt owed to Chesterfield County.
  • Chief Investment Officer for Chesterfield County funds working with external brokers and banking community for highest and safest investment returns, and proposes and oversees the Chesterfield County Investment Policy, in compliance with the Security for Public Funds Investment Act of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Contract Administrator for Chesterfield County bank depository, including negotiating of contract and management of all facets of banking services for Chesterfield County.
  • Reconciliation agent for Chesterfield County, working with depository bank, county departments and external and internal auditors.
  • Registrar on all Chesterfield County bonded indebtedness, including payment of debt, and administrator of arbitrage rebate; while working with various Chesterfield County departments and bond counsel to help ensure ongoing triple A ratings for Chesterfield County.
  • Statutory supervisor of Unclaimed Property for Chesterfield County.