Chesterfield Triad

Educating Seniors and Caregivers to Prevent Crime

Chesterfield Triad strives to educate seniors and caregivers about programs, services, techniques and systems that help prevent crime against seniors and improve their quality of life. Chesterfield Triad gives seniors a voice when it comes to their personal safety and security and offers them an opportunity to socialize while learning ways to be safe and secure. Triad provides:

  • Assistance by recruiting and training volunteers to assist with Senior Day and other programs
  • Education by sponsoring crime prevention programs for older adults
  • Forums for older adults to share needs and concerns in the community
  • Helpful programs and service information to reduce fear and give moral support for older adults

Triad is an integral part of community policing, with a focus on reducing unwarranted fear of crime and improving the quality of life for older adults. Older Americans comprise the most rapidly growing segment of the population. One in every eight Americans is already age 65 or older. Increased life expectancy is leading to new issues and problems for the criminal justice system as most communities experience a dramatic increase in the number of older adults. Nationwide, 95% of seniors live independently. Learn more about Virginia Triad.

Membership and Volunteers

Chesterfield Triad is a partnership between Aging and Disability Resources (Community Engagement and Resources), Fire and EMS, Police and Sheriff's Office well as individuals in the community and senior organizations. Join Chesterfield Triad by completing the membership application (PDF). View more information in the Chesterfield Triad brochure (PDF).

Volunteers Make a Difference

Volunteers are needed to fulfill our programs and to add more programs. There are currently hundreds of Triad volunteers across the Commonwealth of Virginia who assist with Triad activities on a regular basis. Chesterfield Triad is blessed with an active volunteer base which includes older adults as well as county employees who work to bring programs to the community. Volunteers help in many ways. Volunteers can:

  • Assist with finding local speakers
  • Get the word out in Chesterfield when a workshop or special event is coming up
  • Help to man the Triad table at events and talking about our programs
  • Help with Senior Day in May
  • Help with workshops
  • Secure funding for special projects and events

None of these programs could proceed without the tireless dedication of the volunteers who make these programs and activities possible.

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