Chesterfield Age Wave

Chesterfield Age Wave works to develop a Chesterfield County plan specific to the needs and opportunities for our community, while still operating in cooperation with the surrounding localities and agencies, both private and public.

Chesterfield Age Wave Coalition

Chesterfield Summit

You can also view the following workshop reports from the Summit:

Chesterfield Age Wave Committees

View an executive summary (PDF) of Chesterfield’s Age Wave readiness plan.

Awareness & Access to Resources

Our mission is to provide a universal resource for positive aging in Chesterfield County. Our objectives are the following:

  • Awareness and Access to Resources (Toolkit)
  • Community Education
  • Heavy involvement with the Council on Aging
  • How to get information into the neighborhoods
  • Resources available and gaps
  • Seniors as a resources
  • Website

Housing & Community Living

Our mission is to ensure that communities are inclusive, accessible and sustainable for living across the lifespan. Our objectives are the following:

  • Identify communities throughout Chesterfield County who are interested in becoming an Age Wave partner.
  • Mobilize diverse, active, healthy and safe communities by creating networks and partner-ships that connect residents to resources.
  • Connect residents with affordable and accessible housing options.
  • Encourage innovative public-private partnerships that support affordable and accessible transportation.
  • Promote healthy living programs and events for all ages.
  • Utilize an assessment tool to be used in communities interested in positive living and aging throughout Chesterfield County.