Aging and Disability Services

Assistance for Older Adults and Individuals with Physical and Sensory Disabilities

The Office of Aging and Disability Services, created in May 2003, is Chesterfield County’s leading resource for older adults and individuals with physical and sensory disabilities. The office serves residents of ages 50 and older, family members and caregivers. Chesterfield County recognizes that older adults offer a wealth of knowledge and experience and want to live active, independent lives.

In addition to providing resources such as the Resource Directory for Older Adults (PDF) and the Resource Directory for Older Adults (Spanish) (PDF), Aging and Disability Services:

  • Serves older adults who want to remain active, independent and vital contributors to their communities.
  • Provides information and referrals to services and resources relating to issues of aging, caregiving, and physical or sensory disabilities.
  • Gives referrals to volunteer and employment opportunities, many volunteer opportunities are available with the office.
  • Promotes and coordinate services for older adults and their caregivers through regular meetings with county Human Services departments, not-for-profit organizations and private businesses.
  • Provide information and resources to grandparents and other kin raising a child.
  1. Resources and Related Organizations
  2. Volunteer Opportunities