I Wish I Never Started (IWINS)

Our Mission

IWINS is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating teenagers, young adults, parents and the community about the dangers of opiate use and to decrease the use and abuse of opiates. We believe that: Opiates are very dangerous drugs which cause powerful physical addictions... recovery is extremely difficult. There exists a significant lack of knowledge, especially in young people, about the dangers and consequences of opiate use. One of the most powerful methods to educate is with personal testimonies from those who have directly suffered from opiate addiction.  


  • Advocacy
  • Health Education - Prevention
  • Health Services - Rehabilitative
  • Mental Health Services / Behavioral Issues
  • Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Issues and/or Services


The goal of IWINS is to educate young people through video testimonies of people who have recently detoxed from opiates. Through these stories, we hope to open the eyes of young adults to the dangers of opiates and help people make the decision to never try these horrible drugs.


IWINS is a non-profit initiative aimed at educating students, parents and their communities of the highly addictive nature of opiates. Teens hear the message all the time that drugs are bad, but most don’t understand that opiates are very different from other drugs because of the way they attach themselves to the brain. The truth is, trying opiates even once or twice can lead to a physical dependence and an addiction that can be almost impossible to overcome.

Other Details

  • Accepts Volunteers: Yes, call for more information
  • Ages: All
  • Fees: No

More Information

For more information please contact:
I Wish I Never Started (IWINS)
Primary Contact: Debbie Cochrane, Program Manager
204 N Hamilton Street
Suite B
Richmond, VA 23221

Phone: 800-846-3920

Available online 24/7

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