Program Types

To register for programs, or for more information, please call 804-748-1612.

Day Reporting Program

The Day Reporting Program is for youth who are suspended or expelled or do not attend a traditional public school. This program's environment is designed to limit opportunities for youth to commit offenses, to engage participants in educational opportunities, and to provide positive skill-building activities. Skill-building may include employment skills, anger management, and moral decision-making. The program operates during the school year, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Successful completion requires youth to attend the program each weekday until they are eligible to return to school.

Community Service

The Community Service Program provides participants with closely supervised work that provides a meaningful impact to the community. Projects may include organizing shelves for local charities, food banks, and libraries; gardening in local parks and non-profits; as well as other appropriate activities. 

Successful completion requires participants to attend community service on the days they have signed up for and complete the activities assigned to them on those days.

Educational and Vocational Connections

The Educational and Vocational Connections Program provides youth participants with academic and career readiness services to foster positive development and support educational, postsecondary, and workforce success. The Educational and Vocational Connections Coordinator works with court-involved youth and their families to identify educational and vocational needs and connect youth to appropriate academic programs, internships, and workforce development programs where youth can explore and learn. Key services provided include:

  • Secondary completion assistance and support
  • College exploration, postsecondary support services, and career pathway counseling
  • Assistance navigating the college application process and selecting appropriate programs and institutions
  • Experiential career readiness learning activities, including resume writing workshops, job searching and application strategies, and tools for successful interview preparation
  • Career assessments and skill inventories to explore educational and career interests and select programs aligned with participant strengths, skills, and interests
  • Linkages and referrals to academic and vocational programs in the community

Court Navigator

The Chesterfield Juvenile Court Navigator will assist families as they proceed through the juvenile court system. Adolescents and families usually have questions about what happened and what to do next when attending court. Families may leave the court hearing uncertain of the judge's requirements and feeling overwhelmed. The Juvenile Court Navigator will initiate contact with families and help in obtaining services, identifying resources, and clarifying questions to help them understand and comply with the court's order. The Juvenile Court Navigator will receive referrals and copies of court orders from the Court Services Unit that are appropriate for the program.

Summer Program

The Summer Program is for youth who need positive activities during the summer months. This program operates mid-June through the end of August.

Pocahontas Youth Conservation Corps

The Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is designed as a first job experience for youth. It is a structured program of conservation that fosters teamwork, self-esteem, social responsibility, and respect for the environment. Participants will work hard, in difficult conditions in the woods, and may be exposed to heat, snakes, and insects. YCC is held the last week of July and first two weeks of August. 

Successful completion requires participants to attend each weekday for the entire three-week program.