Adolescent Reporting Program

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About the Chesterfield Adolescent Reporting Program (CARP)

CARP provides a community-based detention alternative for youths who violate their terms of probation or who commit new crimes while on probation. It also enlarges the range of existing detention alternatives available to probation officers in the 12th District Court Service Unit serving Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights.

CARP Goals

  • Increase commitment to the education process
  • Increase positive skill-building opportunities
  • Increase protective factors
  • Limit opportunities to commit new offenses during high-risk hours
  • Reduce risk factors
  • Reduce substance abuse

What's Provided

The program environment provides consistency, positive relationships, structure and limits, and respect for basic rights.

CARP provides community service activities, develops skills in youths that will support pro-social behaviors, and highly structured and well-supervised group activities.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate a youth must:

  • Agree to participate
  • Be 14 to 18 years old
  • Be of moderate to high risk to reoffend, based on the Department of Juvenile Justice Risk Assessment
  • Be on probation or parole and living within the geographic area covered by the 12th District Court Service Unit

Adolescent Reporting Program Referral

The program referral document (PDF) is completed by the referring probation officer at the 12th District Court Service Unit (Juvenile Probation). The form can be faxed to 804-748-1295 or emailed to the CARP program.

Include the youth's social history if available.