Strategic Plan

Chesterfield County's strategic plan (PDF) demonstrates the county's commitment to services that make it the best community in which to live, learn, work and play. This plan guides how we use our resources of time, money and employees. Our focus is set to six main goals.

In addition to the Strategic Plan, which looks at a four-year future, the county also adopts a Comprehensive Plan that looks at a thirty year future through the lense of growth and development. 

The two plans complement each other, and both are important to the successful future of Chesterfield County.

Everyday excellence

Demonstrate excellence in public service with a commitment to fiscal stewardship and efficient use of resources

1.1 Promote trust and transparency that strengthens community engagement

1.2 Continuously improve our service-centric culture

1.3 Model financial integrity, considering regional and private partnerships as appropriate

1.4 Invest in employee engagement

Safe and secure community

Partner with the community to provide safe and secure surroundings through prevention, readiness, and professional response

2.1 Increase safety and preparedness through prevention

2.2 Foster positive and respectful community relationships

2.3 Address repetitive incidents that negatively impact resources

2.4 Respond promptly, professionally and efficiently to service calls

Robust economy

Foster a vibrant economy that provides quality jobs, enhances economic opportunities and ensures business diversity

3.1 Attract and retain a variety of business sectors to match the talents of existing and future citizens

3.2 Expand available jobs so more citizens can work in the county

3.3 Provide services and venues that encourage residents to stay and visitors to return

Healthy living and well-being

Promote healthy, active lifestyles while fostering self-sufficiency and quality of life

4.1 Provide critical and easily accessible resources to help individuals flourish

4.2 Inspire neighbor-to-neighbor relationships

4.3 Encourage healthy lifestyles

4.4 Demonstrate readiness for shifting demographics

Thriving communities

Enrich quality of life, enhance community attractiveness, and preserve natural resources

5.1 Foster long-lasting communities with unique identities

5.2 Enhance, restore and maintain neighborhoods and communities using public and private efforts

5.3 Continuously improve public infrastructure and facilities

5.4 Responsibly attend to the environment

Learning for a lifetime

Support a range of learning opportunities that sustains quality of life, employment and well-being

6.1 Collaborate with Chesterfield County Public Schools to position students for lifelong success

6.2 Provide access to learning and enrichment opportunities for citizens of all demographics

6.3 Equip the workforce with skills to meet changing business needs