Strategic Plan

Chesterfield County's strategic plan (PDF) demonstrates the county's commitment to deliver services that make it the best community in which to live, learn, work and play. This plan serves as a roadmap that guides decision-making during times of prosperity or challenge. These priorities are set through five goals, focusing first on the results and then determining the effort needed to deliver those results.

In addition to the Strategic Plan, the county also adopts a Comprehensive Plan that guides future growth and development decisions.

The two plans are different, but complement each other, and both are important to the successful future of Chesterfield County.

Model for Excellence in Government

Definition - Deliver exceptional service with an engaged workforce that effectively manages public assets


1.1 Promote financial integrity by effectively and efficiently managing public assets

1.2 Require the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity

1.3 Understand and respond appropriately to customers' key needs with effective, collaborative solutions

1.4 Attract, develop and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce

1.5 Think and act regionally to maximize positive outcomes and leverage resources

1.6 Foster a safe work environment and minimize risks associated with security and integrity of assets and information

Safety & Security

Definition - Partner with residents to provide a safe and secure community through prevention, readiness, and professional response


2.1 Enhance community preparedness through prevention

2.2 Increase safety and perception of safety

2.3 Reduce incidents that result in injury, death and property damage

2.4 Reduce the recurrence of incidents that negatively impact county resources

Economic Prosperity & Educational Excellence

Definition - Promote a business-friendly community to retain and attract businesses, diversify the economic base and create job opportunities for an educated, ready workforce


3.1 Attract and retain businesses that provide diverse economic base

3.2 Increase private-sector job opportunities and earning potential

3.3 Streamline requirements for starting and operating a business

3.4 Match workforce skills with business needs

Healthy Living & Well-Being

Definition - Promote healthy, active lifestyles and foster self-sufficiency that enhances quality of life through physical, mental, emotional and social well-being


4.1 Improve self-sufficiency and access to services and resources

4.2 Promote connectedness and increase opportunities for community involvement and education

4.3 Increase healthy lifestyles and reduce chronic disease

Thriving Communities & Environmental Stewardship

Definition - Enrich quality of life, preserve natural resources and enhance community attractiveness through stewardship of the natural and built environment


5.1 Facilitate quality, well planned, well designed communities which respect the natural environment

5.2 Foster an environmentally responsible community and county government

5.3 Adopt a collaborative approach to community revitalization

5.4 Provide an innovative, safe and lasting public infrastructure based on best practices