Current Pilots

Goodwill-Uber Pilot

Chesterfield Community Services Board is currently working with Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia to provide point-to-point transportation for residents currently undergoing treatment for opioid addiction. The pilot is open to people who don’t own a vehicle and are receiving services through Chesterfield Mental Health Support Services. The partnership provides transportation to access employment opportunities, job training, health care or even basic needs such as grocery shopping.

How It Works

Chesterfield Community Service Board refers qualified participants. Goodwill serves as the “dispatch” center, schedules trips using the Uber for Business Application, records the journeys, and manages payments. Many of these individuals do not have credit cards, smart phones or discretionary funds, all necessities for Uber services.

How Is It Funded

Chesterfield Community Services Board has federal dollars for opioid addiction treatment; transportation is identified as a barrier to access to treatment. The project is fully grant funded through April 30, 2018.

What’s Next

We intend to study usage data for this specific population and assess whether it can be used as a model for future mobile services initiatives.