• You can appeal your conviction to Circuit Court within ten (10) days of the conviction date.
  • The ten-day period begins to run on the day following the conviction.
  • If the tenth day falls on a Saturday or Sunday or legal holiday or any day the clerk's office is closed as authorized by statute, the appeal may be noted on the next day the clerk's office is authorized to open.
  • The appeal may be noted by the defendant or his/her attorney.
  1. Make an Appeal
  2. Payment

Act on a disagreement with a judge’s decision (appeals)

You (or your attorney) may appeal the Judge’s decision to the Chesterfield Circuit Court.

Traffic and Criminal appeals

Traffic and Criminal appeals must be finalized in ten days (including weekends).

Civil appeals

Usually require the payment of a bond, along with the required Writ Tax to finalize the appeal to the Circuit Court

  • Must be noted within ten business days of the disposition
  • Must be finalized (bond and Writ Tax paid) within 20 additional business days
  • Unlawful Detainers are the only exception to the 10/20-day rule
    • Must be noted and perfected within ten business days
  • If the last day to finalize your appeal falls on a weekend or Holiday, you will have until close of business the next business day to finalize your appeal