Government Citizens Academy


Chesterfield County is committed to working with our national, state, and regional partners to take steps to safeguard our community due to the COVID-19, or coronavirus, outbreak. As a result, we are cancelling the spring Government Citizen Academy sessions. We anticipate that these will resume this fall and further information will be posted this summer.


Chesterfield County values civic engagement and opportunities for residents to learn about their local government. Through interactive sessions and tours of facilities, residents will get a comprehensive look at how and why programs and services are provided.

Enhanced Communications

A tool to enhance and grow the county’s communications efforts and increase engagement, the Government Citizens Academy is a hands-on learning opportunity where citizens may provide feedback about how the county is doing.


The academies offer an opportunity for participants to learn about the programs and services offered by the county directly from department leaders, including members  from the Board of Supervisors. Sessions are scheduled across the county in county and school facilities, among other sites. These sessions are a mix of round table discussions and classroom settings with networking breaks built in, and opportunities for optional tours of additional county facilities and points of interest.

The Government Citizens Academy is held 5 times throughout the year, at various times in the morning and afternoon.

The Government Citizens Academy is held throughout the year with approximately 25-30 participants in each academy. Five separate sessions will be held, either during the morning or early evening. Each academy typically lasts about 4 weeks. 

For a Diverse Audience

The Government Citizens Academy is intended for a diverse audience. The Chesterfield Government Citizens Academy is for you no matter whether you are:

  • A curious high school student
  • A new business owner
  • A prospective homeowner looking to move into the community
  • A resident looking for volunteer opportunities
  • A resident of the community for 30 years

Application Process and Selection

Entry into the Government Citizens Academy will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Class size is limited, so those unable to attend a particular session may be placed on a waiting list.

For more information, email the Government Citizens Academy or call 804-796-7100. Those interested in participating in the academy must fill out a short application form. Those accepted for a particular session will be notified by email.