Parks and Recreation enhances the quality of life for citizens and visitors by offering recreation opportunities, experiences and partnerships.

  1. Essential Eligibility Requirements
  2. Inclusion Statement
  3. Nondiscrimination Statement

Essential Eligibility Requirements

Essential Eligibility Requirements ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for individuals both with and without disabilities. The requirements outline general prerequisite skills regarding safety, endurance, behaviors, personal care and medical issues. Essential Eligibility Requirements will be sent out with the Participant Profile. If an individual cannot meet all the requirements, the Therapeutic Recreation staff will assist in finding a more suitable program.

Park Rules

View various rules and regulations regarding the use of Parks and Recreation parks and facilities.

  1. All General Parks, Trails and Water Access Rules 
  2. Dog Park Rules
  3. Drone Park Rules
  4. Regulations

General Parks Rules

Park hours are dawn to dusk (unless using lighted facility). Per county ordinance and park regulations, the following are prohibited:

  • Dogs off leash
  • Dumping or littering of any material or waste
  • Illegal possession of weapons
  • Parking in undesignated areas
  • Pets on the athletic fields
  • Profanity
  • Release of domesticated animals or wildlife on county property
  • Smoking in posted smoke free areas
  • Trespassing or loitering
  • Use of drugs, marijuana or alcohol

Trail Rules

At all trails, remember to leave no trace. Trail hours are from dawn to dusk.

  • All dogs must be leashed. Dog feces must be cleaned up by owners.
  • Collecting of any plants, animals or any artifact (natural or cultural) is prohibited unless approved by Parks and Recreation.
  • Feeding of wildlife is prohibited.
  • No person shall capture, pursue, injure, attempt to injure, kill or attempt to kill any animal in any park.
  • No dumping or littering of any waste material.
  • Share the trails.
  • Use trails at own risk.

Water Access Rules

View available water access locations.

  • All locations - no swimming.
  • County and state rules and ordinances apply at all times.
  • Do not litter or dump waste.
  • Fishing regulations follow Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources regulations.
  • No alcohol allowed.
  • Park in designated parking areas.