Continue My Case

  • The General District Court Clerk’s Office staff are unable to continue any cases.
  • All continuance requests are attached with the case papers.
  • A judge reviews and decides upon requests on the hearing date.

Submit continuance request

  • Fax - 804-748-1757
  • Phone - 804-748-1231

Check continuance request status

The Court will not contact you regarding your continuance request status.

  • Online (Supreme Court of Virginia)
  • Phone (Clerk’s Office)
    • 804-748-1231 (the day after your hearing)


  • All continuances are granted by Judge.
  • Please call back the day after your court date to see if the Judge granted your request.

Continuance Policy

Continuances are discouraged. They may be granted by the court, but only if good cause is shown.