Collaborative and Consolidated Services

Chesterfield County Government and Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS) collaborate on many support services to provide efficient and effective services to county residents and students. Working jointly in these areas permits the county government and school division to direct public resources to front line priorities of the community, such as public safety and education.


The Accounting Department is responsible for establishing reliable internal controls through policies, procedures and business practices that promote financial integrity and protect public assets; processing and managing the accounts payable function for Chesterfield County Government departments and Chesterfield County Public Schools; processing and managing payroll for county employees; processing benefit payments for both active and former county employees; providing financial recordkeeping and reports that comply with generally accepted accounting principles and meet regulatory requirements; supporting financial systems that meet the operational and reporting needs of the county’s and school’s business users; assisting county departments with grant processes and compliance; and providing fiscal agent services for various regional organizations.

General Services

General Services provides numerous support and logistical services to county government and school division.

General Services - Energy Management 

Chesterfield County Government and Chesterfield County Public Schools work collaboratively to identify and implement energy saving initiatives in government facilities and schools. Sustainability initiatives, as well as continual data collection and monitoring of energy accounts, reduces energy expenditures and creates positive environmental impact.

General Services - Fleet Services

Fleet Services provides proper, safe and timely maintenance and repair of a diverse fleet of vehicles for the county government and school division. Responsible for maintaining and repairing about 650 school buses, Fleet Services also provides the school division with an on-call roadside service program 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Fleet Services implements a preventative maintenance program for buses to ensure compliance with the Department of Education's mandatory inspection requirements.

General Services - Radio Shop

The Chesterfield County Radio Shop provides the school division with a wide range of services such as maintenance of handheld radios and in-building antennas as well as the installation of communications equipment in school buses.

Human Resources (HR)

The Chesterfield County Department of Human Resources provides programs and services in support of a high-performing workforce and organizational excellence. HR services include recruitment and employment, compensation and benefits, and wellness programs.

Human Resources - Health and Dental Insurance

Health and dental insurance contracts are entered into jointly by the county government and school division to increase buying power in an effort to obtain lower health care rates than would be available through separate purchases.

Human Resources - OneSolution Enterprise Financial and Payroll System

OneSolution is an enterprise system jointly used by the county government and school division to automate and manage human resources and payroll functions.

Human Resources - NEOGov Enterprise Recruitment and Selection System

NEOGov is the software solution used by the county government and school division for recruitment purposes. Applicants use this system to view job postings and submit applications for county government and school division employment.

Human Resources - Wellness Initiatives - C-Fit

The county government and school division engage in common wellness initiatives to reduce health care costs and promote health and wellness for employees.

Internal Audit 

Internal Audit provides an independent source of objective analysis and information to management and those charged with governance for the county government and school division. Completed reports are issued to the County Administrator, School Superintendent, Board of Supervisors and School Board with updates for issued reports provided to the Audit and Finance Committee (AFC). This consolidated service approach for the county and school division provides the opportunity to help identify opportunities for cooperation and consolidation and increases administrative efficiency by combining professional audit staff.

Learning and Performance Center

The Learning and Performance Center provides health, safety and environmental training to county government and school employees coordinated through the Department of Risk Management. This training includes CPR and OSHA-required safety training along with environmental regulations and best practices.

Legal Services

The County Attorney's office provides legal services to the Board of Supervisors, county officials, employees, various boards and commissions related to the county and provides defense to the School Board in certain civil litigation.

Mental Health Support Services (MHSS)

The Department of Mental Health Support Services (MHSS) is the provider of mental health, developmental disabilities and substance use disorder services for children and adults in Chesterfield County. MHSS partners with school personnel to offer programs to students, staff and parents focused on mental health promotion, suicide awareness, substance abuse and violence prevention. In addition, MHSS staff provide consultation to school staff and assessments for students experiencing a mental health crisis. MHSS serves on the Communities In Schools Board, School Health Advisory Board and Threat Assessment Oversight Committee.

Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Department provides comprehensive grounds, landscape and field maintenance services for parks, schools and libraries in Chesterfield County. Parks and Recreation's highly trained staff members are strategically located throughout the county to reduce travel and fuel expenses providing for efficient allocation of manpower devoted to service needs.


The county government and school division collaborate on planning for current and future needs for school facilities and demographic analysis. This includes analysis of zoning proposals to identify impacts on school facilities. The schools section is an integral component of the county's Comprehensive Plan (Public Facilities Plan), which is established through schools-county cooperation.

Printing Services

Chesterfield County Public Schools' Print Shop meets the needs of customers for a wide range of printed materials. The shop has presses and copiers with different capabilities, allowing for a wide range of services for county government departments and schools at a reduced cost.


The Procurement Department provides procurement services for Chesterfield County Government and Chesterfield County Public Schools (CCPS). They purchase commodities, services, construction and professional services.

Risk Management

The Department of Risk Management assures effective and sustainable management systems are implemented across Chesterfield County Government and Chesterfield County Public Schools to identify, evaluate and control operational and organizational risks to minimize potential loss and liabilities associated with our operations and activities.

Risk Management - Environmental, Health and Safety Division (EHS)

The EHS Division provides services to the county government and school division. EHS provides skilled regulatory and technical expertise to help create safe and healthy workplaces, properties and facilities for our employees, students and citizens. The primary services include identifying and controlling hazards, responsibly protecting the environment and consistently controlling environmental, health and safety risks. As a result, a safe and healthy environment is created, organization efficiency is increased, costs are better controlled, risks are reduced and professional expertise is leveraged.

Risk Management - Financial and Claims Administration Division

The Financial and Claims Administration Division provides fiscal services and claims management for all types of claims filed against the county government and school division. Consolidation of these services provides consistency in identifying and managing risks, combines assets to leverage and brings efficiency and in-depth expertise.