1. Public Safety Highlights

  1. Close up on hand helping older male patient learn to walk with a walker.

    Special Response Registry

    The Special Response Registry provides Chesterfield Public Safety with updated information on community members' specific emergency needs, aiding emer... Additional Info...
  2. Police Recruitment Highlight

    Chat with a Recruiter and Join Chesterfield Police

    Learn more about how to become a Chesterfield County Police officer and chat with a recruiter prior to formally applying. Additional Info...
  3. Emergency Contact 24-7

    Provide Emergency Contact Information

    Chesterfield maintains emergency contact information to assist during emergency responses. Owners and managers of locations such as apartment communit... Additional Info...
  4. PulsePoint Highlight

    Sign Up for Hands-Only CPR and AED Awareness Trainings

    Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time, and community training in CPR and AEDs can save lives. Chesterfield Fire and EMS has partnere... View training information...
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