Visit Chesterfield

Welcome to Chesterfield County, a first choice community for residents, businesses and visitors.

Quality of Life

If you are a Chesterfield County resident, you can take pride in the recognition we have already received, such as "The 17th Best Place to Live in America;" "One of the 100 Best Communities in America for Young People;" the lowest crime rate in the Richmond Metropolitan region and many other kudos. Providing you with the best possible quality of life is our main mission as a local government.

Business Friendly

If you operate, or are contemplating operating, a business in the county, you’ll find that we are business friendly, from fast tracking new business site development to support of existing business programs of all sizes. We also have one of the lowest machinery and tools tax rates of any developed community in Virginia.

A Historic Treasure

There is so much to see and do in Chesterfield County. Its rich history includes the Native Americans who lived here for thousands of years prior to the arrival of the first English settlers in 1611 to establish the second permanent settlement in the New World. That story is told at Henricus Historical Park, where Pocahontas lived before marrying John Rolfe. Tobacco was first cultivated at historic Bermuda Hundred and exported back to England as a cash crop. The first iron furnace was established in the New World at Falling Creek, and the first commercially-mined coal in North America was at Mid-Lothian Mines. Thomas Jefferson’s brother-in-law, Francis Eppes, build his Georgian-designed plantation house, known as Eppington, in 1768. The Historic Courthouse Green was the site of Colonial militia encampment and also the Baptist preacher trials in late 1700s, which resulted in religious freedom and liberties. The county also is the place of significant Revolutionary War and Civil War engagements. Magnolia Grange’s distinctive Federal-style architecture and rich history interprets life in a county mansion of the early 19th century. Find historic sites and programs.

A Special Place

For residents, businesses and visitors alike, what makes us such a special place is our people, both in our communities and in our local government, and the way in which everyone works together. It’s that teamwork that makes us what we are, and that will carry us into the future as we mold the Chesterfield County of tomorrow. I welcome your comments on our Website, and your suggestions for how we should move forward as a community.