Current Report and Study Process

About the Current Report

Adapting to Rapid Disruptions via Emerging Technologies

The Committee on the Future (CotF) envisions a report about Chesterfield County as a community positioned to address rapid societal, environmental or economic disruptions utilizing leading-edge technology to ensure public services (governmental and educational) are adjusted, maintained and enhanced for all residents. The ability of a community to pivot in providing public services can be challenged by the limitations of technology. The report will provide strategies and suggestions for utilizing leading-edge technology to ensure all residents and businesses in Chesterfield County are able to equitably participate in these services in times of disruption.

  1. Current Report Phase

Current Report Phase

Step 3: Key Strategic Issues (In Progress)

(Estimated completion period: 10 months)

Continuing in-depth research assists the committee in identifying and addressing key issues related to the topic under study. Identifying major trends early in the report process determines gaps in the research. Members work diligently to learn as much as possible about the core issues through their own research, with the help of county personnel and through discussions with expert panels.

The committee develops preliminary long-range (20-30 years) strategies for resolution of the challenges related to each major trend. These are compared to current county strategic planning practices.

  1. Draft Report

Study Process

The completion schedule of reports averages 3-4.5 years based on the seasonal opportunities for best participation from residents, the cycles of local government operations, and the continuing involvement of all committee members. The actual time needed reflects the number of potential topics under consideration, the time needed to research the topic and study each issue’s influence on Chesterfield County.

The committee uses a seven-step process to meet its goals. During each step of this process the committee seeks input from outside sources particularly residents and county departments. The executive committee meets prior to each step to access the progress-to-date and to map out the next phase.

  1. Step 1: Organization of the Report

Step 1: Organization of the Report

(Estimated completion period: 7 months)

This begins with selecting a topic and developing a work plan. Help shape the county's future by submitting suggestions for consideration

All county departments are contacted for suggestions of long-range challenges to the county. These are added to the list of topics considered in the past. Members recommend topics after developing a short pro-con analysis to explain the suggestions.

Once the committee has a short list of four to six topics, they hear panels of experts discuss each topic. These panels are made of representatives from county departments, state agencies, private business or industry, non-profit organizations and academic institutions.

After the topic is selected, members determine what the study will require and set more defined target dates.

  1. Step 2: Environmental Scan
  1. Step 3: Key Strategic Issues
  1. Step 4: Internal/External Analyses
  1. Step 5: Strategies and Action Plans
  1. Step 6: Presentation
  1. Step 7: Monitoring Implementation