Current Report

The Committee on the Future's most recent report, Promoting Future Financial Independence for All Chesterfield Residents (PDF), is now available online!

Got an idea for a topic that will impact the county in 20 to 30 years? Let us know about it!

Current Report Phase: Organization

To accomplish the committee's purpose, the committee undertakes a 7-phase study process to research issues and prepare reports. 

Report organization begins with selecting a topic and developing a work plan. All county departments are contacted for suggestions of long-range challenges to the county. These are added to the list of topics considered in the past. 

Once the committee has a short list of four to six topics, they hear panels of experts discuss each topic. These panels are made of representatives from 

  • county departments
  • state agencies
  • private business or industry
  • non-profit organizations
  • academic institutions

After the topic is selected, members determine what the study will require and set more defined target dates.