Action Steps for Parents

Create a Family Environment

  • Establish open, effective communication with your child. This will instill trust, responsibility and accountability.
  • Send a clear message to your child by setting a good example.

Discuss Your Expectations

  • Have a conversation about your child's behavior as it relates to their use of substances.

Explain the Short-Term & Long-Term Dangers

Discuss the consequences of substance use including health risks and legal consequences.

Promote Open Communication

  • Let your child know that you want them to be safe at all times.
  • This may require:
    • Communicating with other parents
    • Monitoring your child's whereabouts
    • Monitoring your child's phone use
    • Supervising internet accounts
    • Tracking credit card charges

Observing Changes

Watch to see if your child's friends, interests, appearance or health changes.

If you notice a marked change in your child, talk with your child and, if necessary, seek help from listed resources.