Substance Misuse Facts & Resources

Designer drugs are synthetic drugs that have been chemically altered to circumvent drug laws. Some relevant facts include:

  • Chemicals, classified as "not for human consumption," emerged in 2010, when they first became available online.
  • Chesterfield County law-enforcement, medical, education and substance-abuse-treatment communities have become aware of the use of designer drugs throughout the greater Richmond area, including the use of a drug known as "25i."
  • Use of these drugs has resulted in strong adverse effects, including medical and psychiatric hospitalization or death.

Information for Young People

  • Most youths in Chesterfield County do not use illegal drugs.  
  • The illegal use of any substance (not just designer drugs) can lead to serious physical, legal, and educational consequences. The harmful effects of designer drugs are particularly unpredictable.
  • If you are with someone who has used alcohol or other drugs and have any concern about their health or safety, call 911 immediately, followed by a call to a trusted adult.
  • If you are concerned about your own or someone else's substance use, please use available resources.