Self-Help Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous / Cocaine Anonymous (AA / NA / CA)

Each week everyone in the program must attend two self-help community meetings - AA, NA, CA, etc. Your AA or NA meetings are due in court each Wednesday that you are scheduled to come to court. If you forget your meetings or fail to attend meetings, you will receive the following consequences:

1st & 2nd Offense

You will be warned from the bench that you must make up any missed meetings as well as completing any new meetings required on your designated court date.

So, for example, if you normally do 2 meetings a week and you only turned in one this week, you will owe three meetings by the next Wednesday - 2 meetings to account for the meetings you normally do for the week, and 1 to make up for what you didn’t do the week before.

If you don’t come to court every week, all of the meetings you normally do plus all of your make-up meetings are due the next Wednesday you appear in court.

Note: None of the meetings you turn in as “make-up” meetings or “new meetings” can be the old meetings you forgot to turn in or meetings that predate the last time you were in court. These all must be new meetings you complete.

Any meetings you fail to turn in from the third offense on will result in a jail sanction.

3rd Offense

1 day in jail, plus make-up meetings.

4th Offense

2 days in jail, plus make-up meetings.

5th Offense

3 days in jail, plus make-up meetings.

6th Offense

4 days in jail, plus make-up meetings, and so on.