SAFE, Inc. Board of Directors


SAFE is an acronym for “Substance Abuse Free Environment.” The purpose of the SAFE Board is to engage our community in working together to prevent substance abuse.


  • Meets monthly
  • SAFE Office
    812 Moorefield Park Dr., Suite 202
    N. Chesterfield, VA 23236


  • Number of Members: Varies - elected members are nominated by a Nominating Committee and elected by the general membership of SAFE at its annual meeting in October. Appointed members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Comments: The bylaws of SAFE, Inc. allow the Board of Supervisors to appoint 2 members; there is no restriction or requirement regarding district representation. Interested persons from the community "at large" may also seek election to the SAFE Board by contacting the SAFE Executive Director to express interest and seek election to the Board.
  • Term of Service: Three-year terms


  • Dr. Kenneth Qiu
    Term expires September 30, 2023
  • Dr. Imad Damaj
    Term expires September 30, 2023