Password Security

Weak passwords may be easily guessed or compromised.

Use Strong Passwords

A strong password is defined as a password that requires a minimum of eight characters, with a pre-set degree of complexity through use of special characters as part of the password. This includes:

  • Of the eight characters:
    • One of them must be upper case
    • One must be lower case
    • One must be a number or special character
  • Passwords may not contain any part of your name or login ID
  • Users will not be allowed to use their most recent three passwords

Create a Strong Password

  • Do not use names of family, friends, or pets as passwords  
  • Do not use easily guessed passwords such as password, qwerty, ABC123  
  • Use a phrase instead of a word. An example could be: ILoveMyDog  
  • Replace letters with numbers and special characters: An example could be: !L0v3myd0g