Preservation Committee


  • As needed (usually the fourth Tuesday of the month)
  • Location to be determined


  • Mary Ellen Howe, Chairman
    Term expires March 8, 2023
    Phone: 804-861-5542
  • Jim Daniels, Vice-chairman
    Term expires March 8, 2023
    Phone: 804-748-2240
  • Rachel Chieppa, Staff secretary
    Phone: 804-748-1778
  • John Cogbill
    Term expires March 8, 2023
    Phone: 804-775-7713
  • Julie Crowe
    Term expires March 8, 2023
    Phone: 804-200-5313
  • David Dutton
    Term expires March 8, 2023
    Phone: 804-644-8290
  • Richard "Scott" Williams
    Term expires March 8, 2023
    Phone: 804-768-7805
  • Andy Scherzer
    Term expires March 8, 2023
    Phone: 804-908-4147


  • Number of Members: Seven
  • Term of service: Three-year term


The Preservation Committee reviews and comments on applications for historic sites or districts. Once a local landmark has been designated by the Board of Supervisors, the Committee reviews all changes (other than routine maintenance) to the exterior of the building of site. The Committee also serves to educate Chesterfield County property owners about proper treatment of historic buildings.

Chesterfield County Historic Landmark Designation

Historically-designated properties in Chesterfield County (PDF)

Map of historically designated properties in Chesterfield County

State & National Registers of Historic Places

Congress in 1966 passed the National Historic Preservation Act to officially recognize important historic properties at both the state and national levels. Contact the Virginia Department of Historic Resources for more information regarding listing a property on these registers and any associated incentives for doing so.

County properties on the Virginia Landmarks Register and the National Register of Historic Places.