Children’s Services Act (CSA)

Chesterfield’s Children’s Services Act (CSA) is the local office to Virginia’s Children’s Services Act (CSA), a state and local interagency mandated program that:

  • Provides needed services to children and families in the community
  • Comprises the Family Assessment Planning Teams (FAPT) to authorize an array of services to children and families in the community

What We Do

  • Administer the CSA process for both Chesterfield and Colonial Heights
  • Keep children within or return them to the community and families, with services that are child centered, family focused and locally based
  • Formulate treatment plans collaboratively, including the child, family, and personnel from referring agencies and the Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT)
  • Contract with local providers in the community to deliver services to children and families
  • Review services and treatment plans regularly through FAPT meetings to establish the continued need of the services being provided

Who We Assist

We assist youth, ages 0 to 18, from diverse backgrounds that are:

  • Served by multiple agencies in the community
  • In foster care
  • At-risk for out of home placement
  • Unable to deal effectively in a public-school setting
  • Dealing with a variety of other problematic behaviors and conditions

The FAPT Process

Services are rendered through the FAPT process via referral for services that come from: