Revitalize Our Communities Committee (ROCC)

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ROCCAbout the ROCC

The Sustain Our Communities Committee (SOCC) was established by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors in 2006. In 2016, the committee changed its name to the Revitalize Our Communities Committee (ROCC), reflecting the ROCC’s commitment to county revitalization. The ROCC is a volunteer citizens’ committee seeking to maintain and improve existing communities countywide.

The committee shall be composed of representatives of business associations, real estate professionals, homeowner associations, community associations, churches and citizen leaders.

If interested in joining this pro-active committee, please email Pam Cooper, Community Partnership Manager, or call 804-751-2227 for application and additional information.

ROCC members (from left to right): Donna Cole-Midlothian District, John Miller-Bermuda District, Pam Pope-Dale District, Pam Cooper, Community Partnership Manager, J.D. Washington-Clover Hill District, Renae Eldred-Bermuda District and Ben Thorp-Dale District (not in photo; Sharon Sipos-Dale District, James Weathersbee - Cloverhill District, and Jewell Hunter - Midlothian District)


The ROCC is committed to meeting during COVID-19, but due to restrictions is not open to the public. We can be reached through Community Enhancement, by calling 804-751-2227 or visiting us on Facebook.

Our Mission

To provide tools that empower communities to sustain and revitalize, and advocate for neighborhood needs.


The ROCC is developing a series of pamphlets designed to provide Chesterfield residents with information to maintain or improve their community. These may be printed or obtained from the Community Enhancement Department upon request and also available in Spanish.

"Be the Good" Guide Series

The "Be the Good" Guides provide gentle reminders to help make Chesterfield neighborhoods great places to live.

Neighborhood Watch
The Neighborhood Watch program assures that you and your neighbors are better protected and have a safe place to live. It is also a great starting point for new associations.

Community Revitalization Toolkit
Download the Community Revitalization Toolkit (DOCX) for information on how to create and maintain successful civic organizations, which are vital to sustaining older residential and business areas in Chesterfield County.

Rehabilitation of Residential Properties
The Rehabilitation of Residential Properties program in an incentive designed to protect and preserve our maturing neighborhoods and offers partial tax exemption for the rehabilitation, renovation or replacement of qualifying structures. For more information on rehabilitation of residential properties, contact the Assessor's Office at 804-748-1321.

Home Modernization Guide 
Our Home Modernization Guide is essential to maintain the economic, social and physical health of Chesterfield County neighborhoods, particularly as they age. Over half of the County’s single family housing stock is twenty-five years or older.

Enhance Safety and Beautify Your Neighborhood
Download our Enhance Safety & Beautify Your Neighborhood (PDF) guide for tips on keeping roads clean and safe.

Keep Your Grounds Clean
Download our Keep Your Grounds Clean from Pet Waste (PDF) guide to do your duty and clean up your pet waste.