Business Citation or Notice

Business License Notice or Citation

If you received a business license notice or citation:

  • Most businesses operating in Chesterfield County are required to obtain a business license.
  • It appears that you are operating a business without a valid business license. This could be based on a number of factors such as:
    • You were observed conducting business as described by state and county code.
    • You filed paperwork that is normally only required for persons conducting business.
    • You were advertising or otherwise holding yourself out as being in business.
    • We received a complaint.
  • In accordance with section six of the code of Chesterfield County, operating a business without the proper license is considered a class 1 misdemeanor.

Comply with Notice or Citation

  • To comply with the notice or citation you must obtain the proper business license. Business licenses are issued by the Commissioner of the Revenue. If you have questions about completing the forms or calculating the assessed fee, please email the Commissioner of the Revenue.
  • If you have questions about the notice or citation, contact the inspector who issued the notice or citation by calling the number on your notice or citation or email the License Inspector.
  • Please be aware that to obtain a business license, in addition to any license fees, you must also pay all business tangible personal property taxes before the before the business license can be issued.

No Longer in Business

If you are no longer in business:

  • Even if you are no longer operating, you may still be considered "in business" until you notify the Commissioner of the Revenue, in writing that you are "out of business."
  • To provide us notification that you are out of business, please email the License Inspector and provide the date the business ceased operation and the gross receipts for the business in its last year of operation.