Jury Duty

Serving on a Jury is a Civic Duty

Serving on a jury may be one of the most important and significant civic privileges that we have as a citizen of the United States. On behalf of the Chesterfield Circuit Court and the Clerk’s Office we thank you for your commitment and dedication to our American justice system.

Chesterfield Jury Services is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding holidays. Contact Jury Services by email or by calling 804-751-4411.

About Jury Duty

Selection Process

If you are determined qualified to serve during the qualification questionnaire process, you may be randomly selected through an automated process to receive a Summons for Jury Service through the mail sometime in the following year.

Service Length

Jurors in Chesterfield are on call for one day, and if selected to report, serve the length of one jury trial. Most jury trials last one or two days but can be longer depending on the case. If selected to report on your assigned date, you may or may not be selected by counsel to hear the case. If not selected to hear the case, you will be released, and your jury service is complete.

Jurors who are on call, but not selected to report on their assigned day, may be summoned again later in the same year if needed. This is dependent upon the number of qualified jurors and jury trials for the year.


Jurors who are selected to report for jury duty will receive reimbursement for expenses in the amount of $30 per day of required appearance. This amount is set by the Virginia legislatures. Jurors who appear when they are not selected to report, will not receive reimbursement. Please follow the instructions on your summons carefully.

Federal government employees should read the Office of Personnel Management’s Fact Sheet: Court Leave for more information.


Virginia law requires employers to excuse employees from regular workdays when summoned for jury duty. Employers should refer to Section 18.2-465.1 of the Code of Virginia for more information. If you have a conflict with your report date, you may defer your service to later in the year on the Chesterfield Juror website.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

Should you need reasonable accommodations to serve on a jury, such as an interpreter or mobility assistance, please make your request on the Chesterfield Juror website when confirming your summons. You may also email Jury Services with your request.

Other Resources

Jury Service Orientation Video

View the jury service orientation video for information regarding serving as jurors in Chesterfield County.