Jury Duty

Serving on a jury may be one of the most important and significant civic privileges that we have as a citizen of the United States. On behalf of the Chesterfield Circuit Court and the Clerk’s Office we thank you for your commitment and dedication to our American justice system.

  1. Summoned Jurors
  2. Juror Qualification
  3. Grand Jury
  4. Jury Scam

Summoned Jurors

Please review your summons and the below resources before calling Jury Services with questions.

Reporting Instructions

eResponse Juror Website Opens in new window

Read your summons carefully for important instructions regarding your jury service.

Immediately confirm receipt of your summons on the Juror eResponse website by completing the summons questionnaire. You will need your assigned Candidate/Juror ID (PDF) listed on your summons.

After 5 p.m. the business day before the report date listed on your summons check your reporting status. Call the Juror Information Line at 804-409-8605 and follow the message prompt to check your reporting status. You may also check your status on the Juror eResponse website. On the Juror eReponse website:

  • If the reporting date line indicates your reporting date and time (PDF), you must report to the courthouse as instructed. Bring your summons with you.
  • If the reporting date line indicates check back-see summons (PDF) then you do not need to report. You may be summoned again later in the year.

Reporting Location

Chesterfield Circuit Court, 9500 Courthouse Road, 2nd Floor, Jury Assembly Room

Prohibited Items

Please read the Court Safety and Security page for a list of prohibited items in the courthouse and what to expect upon arrival.