Preparing for an Emergency

Everyone should have an emergency plan whether it’s for your family, home or business, and it’s important to always be prepared. Learn how you can be better prepared for any natural disaster, including hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, winter storms, severe thunderstorms and earthquakes.

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  • Jess Robison, Emergency Management Public Outreach Coordinator

About Jessica Robison

Jessica (Jess) Robison serves as the emergency management public outreach coordinator and Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, coordinator, which encompasses over 1,300 trained volunteers. Robison is a certified Master Resiliency Trainer, or MRT, through the University of Pennsylvania and the Department of the Army. 

As an MRT, she taught soldiers and family members how to build skills that would allow them to survive and then thrive in difficult situations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in crime, law and justice from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from Western Governors University with a concentration in Healthcare Administration.

Jessica (Jess) Robison