Commissioners in Chancery

Pursuant to Code of Virginia § 8.01-607, "each circuit court may, from time to time, appoint...commissioners in chancery as may be deemed necessary for the convenient dispatch of the business of [the] court."

The following members of the Virginia State Bar have been appointed as Commissioners in Chancery by the Circuit Court of the County of Chesterfield:

  • Edward D. Barnes
  • Scott Bemberis
  • John N. Clifford
  • Vera Duke
  • Michael S. Ewing
  • Nelson H. C. Fisher
  • William K. Grogan
  • William D. Hamner
  • Stephen A. Isaacs
  • S. Craig Lane
  • Kevin M. McGowan
  • Mary Burkey Owens
  • Robert W. Partin
  • Philip A. Roberts, Jr.
  • J. Randolph Smith