Grand Jury, Docket Call, Case Scheduling

Terms of Court & Docket Information

Chesterfield Circuit Court Docket Procedures (PDF)

Grand Jury

  • Meets 6 times per year.

Criminal and Civil Terms begin

  • Tuesday following 3rd Monday in Jan.
  • 3rd Monday in March, May, July, Sept. & Nov.

The pre-setting of all cases is strongly encouraged.


  • Criminal dockets generally convene at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • Criminal docket call held every term day morning. 
  • Criminal cases set through Commonwealth's Attorney on designated days.


  • Civil docket call generally held every Monday afternoon (or as assigned) for the presiding duty Judge's cases. 
  • Hearings in civil cases are set with Judges' legal assistants.
  • For the most current Civil filing fees, please access the Civil Filing Fee Calculation tool.