County Vehicle Registration

The Chesterfield County Vehicle Registration is required for all vehicles / trailers that are principally housed, parked or garaged in Chesterfield County. If you lived in Chesterfield prior to 2006 you will remember this as the vehicle decal (often called the county sticker) that was placed on your windshield next to your inspection sticker. While Chesterfield County no longer issues a decal, the registration is still required.

Registration Issuer

The Treasurer of Chesterfield County issues the registration. It is typically included in the vehicle’s personal property tax bill.

Registration Requirements

Vehicle registrations are due for any vehicle 90 days after it enters the county. Registrations must be renewed and personal property taxes paid every year by June 5.

Failure to Obtain Registration

Failure to obtain the registration is a violation of Chesterfield County Code section 13-60 and is defined as a class 4 misdemeanor.