Fight Litter

Team Members to the Rescue

The Department of Community Enhancement’s Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team enhances the bPiano Pick Upeauty of Chesterfield County daily by picking up litter/debris on secondary roads, cleaning fifteen major interchanges, picking up discarded furniture, appliances and more in cul-de-sacs, medians, ditches, and waterways.  No matter what the weather brings, this team is on a pro-active mission.

 Calvin Vonada and Summer Benton received a call from a business that someone had dropped a piano in a busy industrial center.  This piano was obstructing traffic flow and visibility, so Calvin and Summer knew they had to move fast to remove this extremely heavy item.  They were fortunate enough to see a forklift and driver close to the area and asked the driver to assist with lifting the piano into the truck for disposal.

Calvin and Summer were quick to respond to the removal request and made it safe for the customers of the industrial park and all residents traveling in that area.

What's New with the Keep Chesterfield Beautiful Program

Beautiful TeamThe Ant-Litter program transferred from General Services to the new Department of Community Enhancement in February 2018.  The program has been renamed to Keep Chesterfield Beautiful, which appropriately reflects our new mission of enhancing the beauty of neighborhoods within Chesterfield County.  

The program will be even more pro-active due to the talent within the new department.  We are looking forward to growing our existing program and “raising the bar” in the anti-litter campaign and increasing volunteerism within the county.  The Keep Chesterfield Beautiful team would like to see more residents join our Adopt-A-Spot program, and volunteers that would like to represent their neighborhood regarding beautification projects led by the county.  The team is excited about our new partnership and look forward to sharing our successes with you.

Report a Violation

Complete the Code Compliance Complaint Form to report a littering violation.

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