Multicultural Engagement

Chesterfield County welcomes those from other countries who decide to make this their new home. Multicultural Engagement assists and educates the county’s growing diverse population, as well as English-speaking residents who may need assistance with obtaining county services, programs, activities and benefits.

Recognizing and embracing our residents’ similarities and differences enriches our community, reflecting Chesterfield County’s commitment to providing a First Choice community through excellence in public service. Multicultural Engagement can assist with:

  • Find the proper referral - When help is needed beyond the county’s services, we are able to provide referral information. Referrals include how to obtain health care, legal advice, food assistance, and places to learn more about sports, education and culture.
  • Cultural competence training - Chesterfield County is committed to having employees who recognize, accept and respect the many differences in the community they serve. Training employees in these topics has been an important part of employee development.

For more information, contact Dalila Medrano by email or by calling 804-796-7085.