WCCT Chesterfield Community Television

On cable. Online. On the go. WCCT Chesterfield Community Television is your source for information about news and events around Chesterfield County. We broadcast Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and School Board meetings live. Watch our programming and feature videos on Comcast channel 98, Verizon channel 28 and streaming live on our You Tube channel. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay informed about your community.



Programming Guide

Original Programming

Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board features short segments mostly about Chesterfield’s many services and programs along with some general public service announcements.

Opioid Prevention
Learn about the resources available as part of the Chesterfield’s opioid awareness efforts.

Senior Volunteer Hall of Fame
Watch as volunteers in your community are recognized for their tremendous amount of volunteer service.

Additional Programming

NASA X introduces viewers to leading edge:

  • Aeronautics
  • Engineering
  • Planetary exploration
  • Science
  • Space exploration
  • Technology

National Gallery of Art Video Teaching Series
These programs explore current and historical 20th century art and sculpture from around the world. Programs focus on specific past and present exhibits from the National Gallery of Art and profiles pioneers in various fields of art and sculpture.

Real Virginia
Real Virginia focuses on agriculture news and family-oriented stories throughout the state of Virginia. The show also offers cooking and gardening segments that feature products from Virginia.

The Folklorist
The Folklorist is a series that shows a look at some of the lesser-known occurrences in history. The Folklorist brings audiences back to each story's origins and uncovers what's been left out of text books.