Payment Options

Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Visa and MasterCard

Payment Requirements

  • Checks and money orders made payable to the Chesterfield Circuit Court Clerk.
  • Individuals paying by personal check must present a government-issued photo ID.
  • A $2.00 convenience fee will be assessed on all Visa/MasterCard transactions [in accordance with Code of Virginia § 17.1-275 A (27)]. 
  • For in-person transactions, the cardholder must be present and have a valid government-issued photo ID.
  • If the card is enabled with chip (ICC/EVM) technology, it will be processed using such technology. Card swipes for such cards are not acceptable.
  • For payments made over the phone, the cardholder must contact the Clerk’s Office directly (or provide authorization for use).

NOTE: *Credit cards are not accepted for expungement filings.

Returned Check/Dishonored Payment Policy

If a check or credit card payment is returned or dishonored, collection activities will be performed by one of the following entities depending on circumstances:

  • The Clerk’s Office’s financial institution, in which case your account may be electronically debited for
    • the transaction amount
    • and a $50.00 processing fee (in accordance with Code of Virginia § 8.01-27.1)
  • The Clerk’s Office, in which case you will be responsible for
    • the transaction amount
    • and you may be charged a fee of $50.00 or 10% of the amount of the transaction, whichever is greater [in accordance with Code of Virginia § 17.1-275 A (28)].

For additional information, contact the Clerk’s Office at 804-748-1241.