Circuit Court Safety & Security

Courtroom information

  • Circuit Courtrooms 1-5 located on second floor
  • Docket boards providing case times/locations are posted on the first and second floors.

When you arrive the courthouse

  • You will be required to pass through metal detectors.
  • All cases and purses brought into the building will be screened.
  • All prohibited items must be left outside the Courthouse, at home, or in your vehicle.
  • Sheriff’s deputies will not hold or take any responsibility for items left outside the Courthouse.

Items prohibited in the courthouse

  • ALL electronic devices including but not limited to*
    • Mobile/cell phones
    • Smart watches
    • Tablets
    • Laptop computers
    • e-book readers
    • Radios
    • Video games
    • MP3 devices
    • DVD and CD players
    • Tape recorders

* Unless otherwise provided by law or by Order of the Circuit Court

  • ANYTHING that could be used as a weapon including but not limited to
    • Guns
    • Knives
    • Scissors
    • Nail trimmers
    • Knitting needles